If I could upload the covers of my zines from my computer, and copy and paste information on the content of the zines, add the publisher and date of publication…all the same information demanded by Goodreads to this blog…would I do it?  The fine thing about Goodreads was…as I entered every zine read for my 2017 challenge, at any time I could go in and see a full page of thumbnails of covers of all the books I had read that year.  A very pleasing thing to do.  That is what I want in an app to track my reading.  Will have to keep looking.



Lost all of my Pros zine entries to Goodreads…days of work.  I really wish there was an app that was as good but not as commercial so that I could enter my reading without arbitrary rules.  The librarian manual says fan fiction is allowed but zines are not.  Which makes no sense whatsoever.   Reading Librarian posts today and someone is adding a ‘book’ with 14 pages.  In my mind, nothing with 14 pages qualifies as a book.  There are two types of zines and fan fiction zines, with as many as 200 pages, full colour artwork cover, either novel length or anthology of completed stories with names of authors, name of publisher, date of publication…qualifies it as a book by any standards.  To exclude them and include graphic novels as books is asinine.   On the other hand, if I was lucky enough to find an app that is suitable could I face the work of re-entering 300 books…


I will be weaning myself off Goodreads. I read the manual and thought I was allowed to enter fan fiction zines. After three plus years, I woke to my 2018 Challenge decimated. I thought it was an error so I spent a day and re-entered 50 zines that had been wiped off. Today I logged on to enter yesterday’s read and found someone has wiped out all those entries plus more. No warning, no note to me saying you read the rules wrong…just arbitrary removal. I find that a bit impolite and unkind. I was already a bit offside with winning reader of the year having 1800 books READ in one year to her credit..which I find impossible. She might have entered 1800 books to the record which helps Goodreads files but she did not READ them. So, effective today, since I am reading my way through a stack of zines that will take me at least another year….this site has become useless to me. Did this happen when Amazon took over and they only want books that they actually sell themselves? Zines cost more than most paperback books, have a word count higher than a lot of books, have professional grade artwork and print quality and editing, the information on editors, writers, publisher, date of publication, page count and list of contents and photo of cover is all equal to a graphic novel or other books that lack ISBN numbers. Their only drawbacks as books are….they are limited editions, you cannot get them at your corner library or buy them on Amazon. I liked being able to see a page of covers of books and zines I have read but I don’t need it. Since my reading is only in competition with myself…I don’t need it for the challenge (since, as I said, that was fake news anyway), I did like seeing books read by others that interested me but my TBR pile is so high right now and my ‘to buy’ list is in the hundreds…I can afford to quit while I am ahead. It was fun while it lasted but like most things I like…it gets spoiled, discontinued or changed out of recognition. New brooms always want to put their fingerprints all over things and generally spoil what was great enough to bring it to their attention in the first place. Amazon has already priced its Kindle books out of my comfort zone. time to wipe their website off my computer’s memory.

As I logged on this morning:

52 books completed

30 books ahead of schedule

52/200 (26%)

View Challenge

February 10th it showed this and on 11th it wiped it  out, again, all the entries for zines entered since November 2017 are gone.

This is what it looked like this morning…I went in and reduced my challenge to 1 book before I copied this.




You have read 23 books of your goal of 1!

23/1 (2300%)

Dumb and dumber.


Reduced zines from 265 to 219.  Someone hates me.  I give up.



Watching The Weather Network

Curious and letting mind wander.  If, as a given, we believe in experts…like electing a President because he is supposedly an expert business man then:  it should be acknowledged that there are experts and knowledgeable men in all fields.  If you are not an expert on weather…and the people who are acknowledged as experts tell you that global warming is a fact and then tell you what is causing it and the signs and what we can do to stop it…why would you refuse to believe?    The President of the USA stated recently that global warming was fake news and as a reason he pointed to the cold weather happening right now.    He does no research, he speaks with no experts, he merely spouts and his ignorant followers believe.    The fact that all of the bizarre weather, including polar vortex, bomb cyclone of cold, floods in countless places in the world that never had them, more hurricanes in any given season and stronger ones year following year, wild fires in more places and more frequent and more devastating, plus tornadoes and tsunamis in conjunction with all the other disasters coming one upon the other in rapid succession, should be a strong hint for a wise person to do some research to discover the whys and wherefores.    Global warming can mean an equator too hot to live near and a north too cold to live near.

Listening to the men at the top, with the power to truly effect change, actually refusing to believe, is  like listening to flat earthers and those who believe we never put a man on the moon except those people do not have the power to help destroy the world.  Right now doing nothing or going backwards with policies in order to make a few men and corporations richer in the short term will increase the disasters and death and cost.  The blindness is unbelievable.

If Trump went to the hospital and a doctor diagnosed a brain tumor and said he needed an immediate operation…would he refuse to believe the doctor who is an expert in his field and listen to a faith healer instead or listen to the Koch brothers tell him he can make money by not having the surgery.  Refusing to believe in climate change is equally absurd.

I am watching the weather network to avoid new television shows that broadcast doom and gloom and conspiracy theories that are too close to the bone and depressing.  Old shows I have re-watched so often I need a break from them.  I spent the entire Christmas holidays watching  a Bones marathon.






Repost Charlie Steel


Those that have an open mind and are really aware—should know this is the beginning of a MAJOR decline in the safety and standard of living of citizens in the United States of America. It is a CALCULATED attack against the middle class and poor in this country.

Virtually every federal program that protects the people is being tampered with, cut, or gutted. There are far too many to mention them all, but here are a few:

Beginning of higher taxes, taxes on pension insurances, higher costs and fewer benefits with Medicare (an immediate 25 billion cut), lack of consumer protection, drilling, mining and an increase in oil and gas pipelines in protected areas including coastal waters, across Alaskan wild life refuges, in and across Indian reservations, in parks and monuments and government land.

An especially egregious rule that was eliminated is: Lack of protection for pesticides, (weed killers that affect nerves of adults and children and kill bees).

The list is endless:

Reduction of rules against banks, huge tax cuts to corporations and the very wealthy, which will result in a lack of money to run the country. The next step according to Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio is to attack Social Security and Medicare, calling them entitlement programs when they are programs financed out of the paychecks of all working Americans. (It is a planned move to destroy the middle class and their voice, while people struggle to meet living expenses, health care costs, choosing between life saving medicines and food.)

If you can think of a government program, a program intended to protect consumers, adults, children, it is being attacked. CHIP, a health program for severely ill children is NOT being renewed and will guarantee death and bankruptcy of parents and caretakers, trying to care for such children. Health Care and the ACA are under attack and rules passed to eliminate and cripple these programs will result in the DIRECT increase in health care costs for EVERYONE.

Education is being attacked and may be gutted further, student loan agreements are being voided, and graduate students must pay taxes while attending schools. Student loans are being cut or eliminated; school food programs for children are being gutted.

Programs for the poor are being eliminated or gutted. Meals to seniors are being cut or eliminated.

You name a program and the person appointed by this administration to run it, becomes the antithesis of that government agency. In every case, the new director advocating the exact opposite of what that program was designed to administer. In effect, this administration is destroying protection for the people and causing destruction of government. (That is of course with the exception of the Military-Industrial Complex—which is unnecessarily getting an ever growing increase in funds, causing the U.S. to spend 7 times more than any other country on earth for military equipment and endless wars. Thus, continuing to spend tax payer money on equipment and wars rather than on programs for the protection of people. Wars that benefit no one else except the very wealthy and their corporations).

The creation and passing of this tax bill and the political appointments are for those who have money and power and are against those who don’t.

The controlling politicians are working vigorously to give rights to the very wealthy and their corporations and to open U.S. land and resources for their exploitation. They are NOT protecting workers, pensions, health care, retirement, workers benefits and rights and could care less what happens to the middle class and the poor.

The planned gutting of rules and regulations, creating right to work states further eliminates the average workers ability to unite and ask for fair wages and labor protection. This month and year marks a distinct INCREASE of money from labor in and out of the United States going to the top. Fair treatment of labor is being eliminated. Corporations that started and earned their wealth in the U.S., think nothing of becoming unpatriotic, refusing to pay their fair share in taxes, closing their factories (eliminating workers who made that company what it is and has become) and moving overseas, to benefit even more from cheap labor and fewer environmental regulations.


It is a terrible thing to state the obvious but I felt compelled to do so. What do you think?

So says Charlie Steel PhD


I needed to save this where I can find it…. so I can reread .  It says exactly what I have been thinking over the past year as I watch the news and see the Tweets and listen to people talk.  Weeding truth from fiction and coming to my own conclusions and then hearing them stated cogently.  Anxiety rising.

Zine: Professionals 2000: Gambit by Jane of Australia

I’ve lost my appetite except for booze. I am reading fanfiction in The Professionals fandom (The Professionals was a television show that aired 1978-1981) and last night I read a zine by Jane of Australia entitled Professionals 2000: Gambit.
This zine is frightening in its prognostication of the future beyond 2000. The details of world events in 2000 are true and accurate and here in 2017 with Brexit, North Korea, Trump, ISIS, the corporations and 2% richest to 98% poverty, the blatant lies and the greed and lack of empathy by the Republican party, the concerted effort to take health care away from the poorest, all the efforts to take away women’s hard won rights in the USA and all the women and children dying world wide in power plays by the USA…it is all this zine forecasted in 2000 and that it would get worse. The dangers of the Web and AI technology and how easy it would be for hackers to destabilize the entire world…this one will give me nightmares. Jane of Australia hit a winner with this one and no one seems to have made a big deal about it when it was published but reading it this far in the future and seeing how much of it has come true in horrifying ways …makes one want to crawl under a rock and hope the end will not be as painful as predicted. Wondering why I am dieting when the world may end at any moment. This zine is packed with the hows of hackers ruining the banks, the stock market and other vulnerable places. The fact that the Russians hacked the US election and no one is doing anything about it. The simplest thing would be to wipe the entire Trump s##t out of existence and do it over and not let the Russians have won in what they did but …one paragraph said it all that resonated to Trump’s current administration like nothing else:

“Social change happens rarely – once in a century – because humans are a naturally feudal species and PARTISAN (democrat/republican), at once willing to blindly follow the one with the courage/power/money to stand up and lead, and then slow to question the divine right of their chose kings/presidents, even when those kings/presidents in paper castles abuse the power ceded willingly to them by their own people.”

We have witnessed over the last ten months, Trump’s abuse of power, his lies, his dismantling of the social support systems to the poorest of the USA people, his blatant refusal to follow the rules of law for people in public service, his nepotism, his hiding the truth, his sleight of hand, his distraction of the media, his outright insanity and the fact that the Republicans are in total power and have allowed this. The television airing of how Nixon extended the Vietnam war deliberately in order to gain the White House for himself and all the American boys that died so he could occupy the oval office. The S&L scandal that made the Bush family richer, the Arabs, who were behind 911, who were safely escorted out of the country (when every other plane was grounded) because they were in bed with the Bush family, the lies that got the USA into the Iraq war to make  the friends of the Bush family rich on the deaths of young Americans. How the Republicans made such a fuss over Clinton’s sex life when it had no impact on the lives on the American citizens so they could get in power and actually implement policies that do HURT AND KILL American citizens and no one is doing anything about it. This zine is a template for disaster and I want to drink an entire bottle of whiskey and eat a huge chocolate cake and just throw up my diet forever and say F**K it. I won’t but right now that is my response to reading this after watching what has happened to the world in the last year and seeing my life savings diminish with every word from the mouth of the narcissistic criminal that sits in the oval office and the brain dead Americans that keep him there.


It has been awhile.   There are not enough hours in the day.  I spend my life worrying that I won’t get to all the things on my bucket list and/or my to do list.   Right now the house is getting dusty, I forget to take my pills, I forget people’s birthdays for the first time in 50+ years and all because I am reading fan fiction in The Professionals fandom.  Speaking of which I am wishing that one of those wonderful ladies that make fan vids would make a Bodie vid with the song Code of Silence by Billy Joel.

I had to buy a new multi-region DVD player and the one I got said it played all kinds of disks so I dug out my fan made videos and wow it played and I saw Bodie walking and my fan love re-ignited like magic and I found myself on the floor of big closet digging through zines (of which I have at least 400 in the Pros fandom alone).   That was back in May.  As of today I have read 150 zines and am hooked and engrossed and loving every minute.  Nothing else matters.  Life is on an even keel, no anxiety or any other problem..except a bit of guilt for everything else going by the wayside.  But, I realized that keeping up with the housework every day and all the other minutiae of life is not more important that reading and keeping my mind alive and active and entertained.   I am 72, my mother died at 63, my neighbour’s son is dying of cancer at 60, my son’s bosses’ wife is dying of cancer at 52 and why should my last days be wasted sweeping floors…is that what life is about….keeping up appearances for the neighbours or whoever.   We waste so many hours doing useless shit over and over and over to no purpose to impress or to alleviate guilt or to obey the witch with a whip in our brains that says we MUST do these things because it is NECESSARY.  Bullshit.   I live alone, I live tidy, I keep up with necessities but if the book case is covered in dust…fuck it and the horse it etc.   I would rather read.  I will clean when the impulse hits…not as an appointed task every bloody day.    Okay, rant over.   Just finished reading Furiously Happy and enjoyed it immensely.   I saw bits of myself and also saw that I am so well off I should be screaming with gratitude.  I enjoyed the humor and recognized a lot of my own fears and coping mechanisms and opinion.   Lovely that.  I love a meeting of minds.

Dogs are not allowed in restaurants and my dog has separation anxiety and all those folks who say tough love don’t have to clean up the explosive diarrhea that happens when I apply said tough love.  So, I can’t go to restaurants unless they have a patio and I can take dog in stroller and park it close.   It is late September and so far this year I do not need a light box but need for alcohol has increased substantially.   The patio of the restaurant closest to me will be taken up and put away soon so last chance to take neighbour to lunch and today is the day.   Tomorrow I shall shop for dog food, veggies and booze…the fridge is absolutely filled with meat and already cooked meat meals that will last me a week.  Then it will be time to refill crockpot.

Son got a notice from management of his condo saying the pest control people said his place was a health hazard and they said they were coming in to inspect.  He called and told them to FA.  I did some research….they are not allowed to tell you how to keep your apartment.   If you are a hoarder and the place is a danger to other apartments they can get a legal form to come and deal with it but otherwise people who own their own homes can live as piggishly as they want to.   My son deals with major anxiety and fear and every time the fire people or the bug people want to come into his home he suffers for days and days.  This was another awfulness…heart breaks.  I sent info….they have no right and he can stand fast.

Time for caesar salad and coffee with Bea.  The relax and read Professionals zines.