Only half way through and riveted.  What is amazing about this  book is the name dropping meshes so well with all my favourite people.    I love reading that one of his friends (anecdote attached) is so and so and it just so happens ..if it is a writer I have all his books, if it is an actor..I have been following his career forever.  It almost feels like ..if we met…we would have been sympatico.    Such an interesting man.  I do confess, that, even though I have kept every one of his books and read them…they are not exactly the kind I would reread..not because I didn’t find them great the first time around but because they are dark and sometimes give me nightmares.



It is unbelievable. The rich and powerful Republicans are dismantling every protection put in place in the USA in the last one hundred years. Protections put in place for the safety of the average American. The doors are being opened for them to rape and pillage at will. One by one every obstruction is being removed from their path to total control. The air, water, monuments, and environment are being exposed to abuse of the worse kind. People’s health, women’s rights, gay rights, children’s rights, education, financial protections are being stripped away at a pace so fast there is barely a breath between the pen strokes wiping them out. They are gutting every single law, rolling back financing to every single assistance. They have stripped you of every safeguard right up to and including the cyber protection from America’s most powerful and long standing enemy…Russia. The rich in Russia have colluded with the rich in America and elsewhere in the world where the big money flows to take away every security ever put in place to protect the vulnerable land, air, water, people and animals of the world from those who would, in their greed, destroy everything. You are standing by and applauding while vandals are taking paint and knives to every painting in the Louvre. Fully realizing that many are being lost forever you stand there with mouths open egging them on…to do more damage. The rest of the world who have looked to America as a beacon of light stand aghast and equally vulnerable knowing the domino effect will come for them sooner or later. When are you going to wake up and stop this wave of destruction. The lies you are being force fed by your leaders through your media will kill you, are killing you. Stop being sheep. The world criticized the Germans for being sheep in the second World War and continued questioning how it happened…well it is happening again and this time you are the sheep. The wolves are no longer at the door…they are inside taking chunks out of your family…do something…you have a weapon…vote. Get out, get ID, mobilize into groups to go to the polls. Do something….I am shrieking here…DO SOMETHING.

Harlan Ellison’s Influence Beyond SF

RIP Harlan


Harlan Ellison is a fiction writer I’ve known about for many years.  I haven’t read him in a while and I’m only generally familiar with what he has written, but to the extent I’m familiar with his career I consider him a worthy writer and thinker.  He influenced the field of SF greatly and is particularly famous for an anthology he edited.  He was friends with the likes of Philip K. Dick, and I must admit I’d loved to have been around to hear those two having a conversation.

Anyways, my point for mentioning Ellison isn’t merely his greatness in the world of SF.  I happened across someone writing about him in another context.  This person claimed him as being his major influence as a blogger.  I’ll post the piece here in its entirety for I only could find it in Google cache.

The Broadband Teat: a blog by AustinCynic

Sarah Palin…

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Just watched an expensive ad on television regarding the fact that you should not recycle your plastic bags in the bins.  Plastic bags are a tremendous problem for the environment and so are take out coffee cups.  If the agencies responsible for the blue, grey and green bins found a way to recycle plastic bags  and coffee cups we might save some animals.  Surely there must be some use that the material can be reused for.  Surely someone could invent a way to make money from old bags.   I put my recyclables into a plastic bag and take it to the recycle room and sort it into the appropriate bins and then throw away the plastic bag into the garbage bin that goes to the landfill.  It would save time and effort if the blue bin stuff could just be dropped into the bin in the plastic bag.  On the other hand, we can put plastic bottles in recycle bins …so why is there that huge problem in the Pacific, a large proportion of which is plastic bottles.   Right in my own building…I cannot count the number of times I take the time to pull paper out of the plastic bin or plastic out of the paper bin.  People are just so lazy and ignorant.  The walls are covered with instructions and they still cannot or will not follow directions.


Told Bea about renting parking space..feel bad but really. Lori told me at beginning of March that Carol was selling her apartment and Lori wanted to rent my parking space.  She also said she doesn’t like my space on outside of building with snow blowing in on her Porsche but her mother could park there and Lori would park in Bea’s spot.  However,  the process of selling could take a month or two and they are driving to Florida  for the month of April  so I would be on hold with no surety. So at her convenience I should have refused to rent today and wait another month or two ..losing money. Am I wrong…I don’t think so but maybe I should have given her a choice. Problem is…I really really needed the money this month and even with the full amount of seven months rental (to October 31) I still will not be able to meet all my obligations and next month is tax month which brings its own debt. She is rich and likely will not understand and I would not have felt good about her having to pay me while she still had a parking spot that she had paid for on a contract she cannot get money back from. If she pays monthly, then she should have moved more quickly and informed Carol that end of  March she was leaving and locked me in or told me to give her first refusal. I sort of said okay she could have it and have gone back on my word. I feel bad. I hate feeling bad.   Her brother died November 25th and her father February 17th and she is dealing with her mother and probably too stressed for picayune things like this but it does seem like she has time for a lot of things and is perfectly capable and acts like she knows better than the rest of us how things should be done…so she should have put her money where her mouth was.  This is all bluster trying to make myself feel less like a schmuck.  I rented the space for seven months…hell it might take seven months to get the unit in shape and sold…who knows.   I do not care a button what Lori thinks but I hate to have upset Bea because she will have to listen to Lori rant about my faithlessness and feel bad that her friend disappointed/failed her daughter.  Rock and a hard place.

First day of spring, sun is shining, lake is still solid white.  Ash has bad diarrhea with pink spots…reminds me that vet visit will be on list of money exits next month.