I’m Going To Buy Truman Capote’s Ashes

Synchronicity is a big thing in my life. For the past two days I have been reading about Truman Capote and today up pops this blog. This happens to me so often, reading chapter on Cary Grant, two hours later I tune in to The View and the ladies are talking about Cary Grant. I also liked the comments about his ashes.

Dysfunctional Literacy

He might be rolling in his grave… if he was buried. (image via wikimedia)  (image via wikimedia)

Truman Capote’s ashes are for sale.  Most of the literary community might not have known that the famous author’s remains were available at all, but now we know they’re going up on  auction next month in California with an opening bid of over $2,000.  Nobody knows how much the bidding will go up for a writer’s ashes, but I’m going to find out.  After all, I’m going to win this auction.

When I say I’m going to win Truman Capote’s ashes, I don’t mean I’m going to “try” to win them.  I’m thinking positive.  I’m actually going to buy Truman Capote’s ashes.  I’m really going to do it.  I don’t have a lot of money, so I’m pooling all my resources.  I’m taking out loans.  I’m raiding my daughters’ college funds.  I’m cashing out all my 401Ks (what’s left of them).  I’m going all out.  I’m going…

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