My Scrooge McDuck-Like Behaviour

I was remembering the Scrooge McDuck cartoon of him swimming in his vault of gold.  How I behave with my books is similar.  I started collecting books at a very young age.  We were poor as church mice and I needed so many things, shoes and coats but I always asked for books.   The first visits with school class to main children’s library in Toronto was a revelation and from the very begging I always took out as many books at one time as I could squeeze out of the librarian but I wanted to own books.  I also started keeping a notebook with a list of every book I read.  As time went on my book collection grew and my list got longer and I was asking for bookshelves as gifts, I was always fingering my books, moving my books, finding places to stack books and dusting books.  More time passed and computers came and I got a wonderful software package and transcribed all my notebooks into the computer.    I now have three different software package in various stages of completion because none is as pleasing as that first DOS library programme.   I take photos of my bookshelves, I blog about books, I read other people’s blogs about books and their Tumblr and Pinterest photographs of bookshelves and libraries and feel acquisitiveness grow.   I printed out that first library software of books into a binder and kept adding to it by hand in my horrible handwriting and it is now huge and messy.  The new software will not print the same way and now I straddle because I want hard copy of everything.  I spent a lot of time in bookstores and then got a Kindle and spent a lot of time surfing Amazon.  Lists of books, tracking books, books I am waiting for, re-transcribing lists of books from one notebook to another.   I stand in front of my bookshelves and gloat and think about what I want to read next and whether I will live long enough to read them all.   I look over my list of books TBR and promise myself not to buy any books until I have lowered the pile and then go shopping.   I joined Goodreads and get bulletins on the latest books by the authors I collect, spend hours entering books I have read and own into their site and enjoying looking at the covers on all the cosies I have bought for Kindle.    The similarity to Scrooge McDuck as he revels in his gold and me fingering and reveling in my books comes home to me.

I make lists of everything and one of the things that takes up so much time is making new ones in new places, breaking down my books into categories and putting them in order.  Books fill my life and not just the reading of them.