I love books.  I have thousands.  Every man in my life built me book shelves to line the walls.  I take more photographs of my library than I do of my children.  I love looking at other people’s book shelves.  I love photographs of book stores and libraries.  I gravitate to shelves in people’s homes almost before I have finished greeting them.  I joined Pinterest and Tumblr to look at and talk about books and libraries (and cats and dogs).  Over time I noticed that I haven’t read many of the books, with such colourful covers, that line the shelves that people are posting.  I began to feel like I was somehow falling behind popular culture.  Not keeping up with current trends and lists of books to be read.  Despite feeling that way, I continued to reread books from my personal hoard, I continued to buy the latest book in every series I have collected for years, I bought a Kindle and started reading in a new genre and managed to start collecting 75 new authors but none of those colourful covers grace my shelves.  I am old by any of today’s standards and like many of the elderly…resistant to change.  I was saddened by that thought until today when I had a brain storm and went to Amazon to check out what qualifies as young people’s fiction  these days.  Books for teens and young adults filled the pages and there were all those colourful covers, Graceling, Fire, Bitterblue, Divergent, Hunger Games, Twilight, The Fault In Our Stars, Cress, City of Bones, Mockingjay, The Book Thief, The Giver series, The Mortal Instruments series, The Vampire Academy, The Inheritance Cycle,  The Princess Diaries, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Gone series, Gone Girl and Fangirls.   I read the blurbs on these books and realized that if I were a young person today I would have them in my collection.  I also realized that it is likely that if I had infinite time in front of me to reread all my own books and all the new books I have bought plus these new YA series, I would dip my toe and check them out but my time is finite and I really must be brutal with my choices.  So I shall let go of the slight guilt and shame at the sight of all these books that I will never read.  Libraries used to give me gastric distress as I walked in and faced choice.  I often felt like a donkey starving between two bales of hay.  It is why today my pile of TBR books is so huge.  Spock said having is not so good as wanting but to me having is almost as good as reading.  I have faith that I will get to every one of them sooner or later despite the knowledge that, when I moved from my house to my condo and had to reduce the number of books I owned by one third, some of the books I gave away were new and unread from my TBR pile at that time.  They were ones that had been in the pile a very long time and I realized that my interest in the subject matter had waned and was unlikely to come back and if it did I would buy the book again some day.  So I am feeling quite perky and will be able to view all those libraries on Tumblr with curiosity and pleasure and no longer feel I am missing something.