I love books in addition to loving to read.  Does it follow naturally that I should also love words?   Is it possible to love words and be lousy at Scrabble?   All I know is that today I met two new and interesting words that I had never seen before and instantly had to look up in a dictionary.   My only skill in life is being able to spell.  It is a gift.  A sense that even if I have never seen a word before I can usually come up with the correct spelling.  It is also how I know the meaning of words I have never seen before just from their use in a sentence.  When I met these two strangers today, I did grasp their meaning but there was something about the words themselves that asked for more time together.   There is this thing about words and I know others experience it too because people write articles on the subject, just as I am attempting to express my feelings of this morning.   Now I find it hard to articulate what it is that fascinates about shape, sound, placement, use, taste of some words.   The way they strike the eye and inner ear and stand forth to be recognized and accepted.   I am no longer young and have been an avid reader of 300 or more books a year my entire life….okay I didn’t get that crazy or give that much time over to books until my teens but books have dominated my life, destroyed relationships, as I traded time with others for time with books.  I am one who has an anxiety attack if I find myself away from easy access to a book at any and every given time…which is why I now own five ebooks…one for every room and purse and pocket.  I read all the time, even during television programmes.  People get bum rushed out the door so I can get back to the book they interrupted.  So, when I say I seldom meet new words I am not speaking of new words in general but new words that beg to be lifted out and examined more minutely.  I often come across new words that I take note of in passing as I hurry on through my book but it is not often these days that I stop and have. to write them down wanting to know more about them.   A critic might say that that makes them bad words for a writer to use.  That anything that kicks a reader out of a story is a mistake, something that should be changed to something that isn’t a bump in the road.   All I know is I met two new friends today and though it is unlikely we will spend any time together, they are not ones I would come across every day or actually need in my every day life, they add to my store of interesting and different  and remind me of how strong is my love of the English language.