This year has already thrown a few curves.  Cat is still hanging in there and I am riding the roller coaster of his good days and bad days.  He is hiding and being very creative about it.  Yesterday he spent the entire day hiding behind my pile of teddy bears and I had to pull them apart to get him out to force feed him last night…since he did not come out all day to eat or drink.  Last night he found a way to get on top of the refrigerator…now that was a first.  I put bowls of kibble and water beside him and this morning the kibble dish was empty.  Today he is spending his time sleeping in my kitchen sink….he barely waited for it to dry after I did a load of dishes.  I dodged a bullet….tickle in throat Tuesday and I, foolishly, ignored it and didn’t use my oil of oregano till early Wednesday.  So, late Wednesday I had a sore throat and used a large number of Fisherman’s Friend cough drops to soothe it enough so I could get to sleep.   Yesterday it progressed and I felt weak and had no appetite.   Lots of tea and lemon juice and cough drops and two Atkins bars got me through the day.  Worried it would go up into sinus or down into chest…neither happened.   Knock on wood but I think it was a hit and run.   The real cold snap is still hanging on but what is good about it is it renews faith in weatherman who predicted horrible winter back in November and it never seemed to arrive.  Reading novel Broadchurch after watching and enjoying the BBC show.    I decided to cut back on social media it was cutting into my reading time and spoiling my concentration.