New library software.  I cannot seem to find one that does what my first dos software library archive did.  My project for winter, enter all of the books I own into the catalogue, inventory, library.  I already have one software package but the sort function is not good enough.  I have a feeling that the sort function on this one is not much better.  Why do they always change things and never for the better?  Always add good bits but lose even better bits.  My first library could be sorted by genre, by author, by title.   I could print it to fit into a big binder.  The last time I printed out a binder from that particular software was 1998, I have been scribbling new books into margins and extra pages ever since and it is now a real dog’s breakfast.  I have looked ever since for a Windows based programme that will allow me to do the same thing.  I do not mind the work of entry but I would like to be able to print it out in the format of my choosing, all my sci books in one section, all my Harlequin romances together, all my Barbara Cartland books together, all my biographies, etc.  The old software allowed me to do that and within each section I could lump all the books by individual authors together (okay, I might have done that by hand by organizing my entries in that way but I seem to recall that I could go back and inject an entry into anywhere in the archive.  The new ones will sort by Author or by Title and will gather all of an author’s titles no matter in what order you put them.  I just want to sort that way and then also sort into genre.    I am also hoping that spending time doing that will keep me off Amazon and save me some money.   Not a hope in hell but I wish.   I spent part of this week with Dr. Who dvds playing in background and playing with the tester new software and my most recent software to compare and see if the new one does any better than the old one.  But that did not stop me from buying two books this morning for my Kindle, books that I know for a fact I will not read for a year.  They just get added to my growing To Be Read pile.    Not sure what I shall put in the newest software, thinking just the books I currently own.   The oldest software had every book I ever read, not just the ones I owned.   I have lists of books I read and owned, books I read, owned and gave away.   I just love fiddling with my books. I am always taking photos of the walls of books.  There is something heartwarming about being surrounded by all my books.  Comforting.  I have kept a list of books I read since I was ten years old.  I lost the first notebook and had to recreate it from memory but have been very careful ever since never to lose track of my list.  So many things have parted ways over the years.  People, clothes, cars, animals, furniture, homes, toys, comics, photos, electronics, records, tapes, and even books.   My last move forced me to leave fully one quarter of all my books behind but I have my list.  The list represents my life in progress.  It is the most durable part of my existence.  It represents me, my life, the use I made of my time, my choice of books over friendship or any other activity.  I think if there was a fire that that list is the first thing I would make sure I get out with me after my animals.