Tim Horton’s – Someone Has Screwed Up

I wrote to family and friends about my first Tim Horton’s coffee after the news of Burger King buy in broke telling them I thought my mind was playing tricks because the coffee did not taste the same and I did not like it. As a Canadian I am not pleased at an American burger joint moving in on a quintessentially Canadian brand so I thought my imagination was working overtime. A week later I went for another and my reaction was the same. The coffee was in darker cups, almost exactly like a competitor’s cup, the coffee tasted like what you can buy in any coffee shop or even what I can make myself. The Timmy taste was gone. Now I am not a spring chicken and my taste buds (not to mention my hearing and eyesight) are diminishing. My immediate reaction was ‘hey, this shit is not addictive anymore and I can save money in future’. Well tonight a commercial came on about Tim Horton’s NEW dark roast. Their first new blend in 50 years. It is in new darker cups also to reflect the new dark taste. So I was not wrong and my taste buds were not lying. Now the question is….can one ask for the old blend at the window. I wrote to TH today to complain. This is some corporate asshole who wants to make his mark and wield his power by putting his thumb print on the company. Can anyone remember the fallout for the idiot who changed coca cola? Hey Classic coke. I hope business drops dramatically and someone backs off and brings back that distinctive taste. It is not the sandwiches and donuts that bring people into Timmy’s, it is that very particular blend of specific taste and high caffeine in their coffee that has cars lining up around the block all day long. The timing of this change is such a wrong idea. Enough Canadians are not pleased with the Burger King incursion that they might have wanted to stay away but their addiction would have drawn them there anyway but take away the signature coffee at the same time and I for one will skip the stop at Tim’s.