Over the past few years I have purchased hundreds of ebooks. I have started rereading through my collection and realized some negatives. I collect books like a magpie. I like to own books I like. I buy a book and I know instantly if it is one I will reread and I keep it. If it is not a keeper I give it away or trade it in at a second hand bookstore. With ebooks, I read the first time and found myself stuck with the book regardless. I could just delete it but that felt like burning money. So I tried to reread it and it was really driven home that this was a problem. I am somewhat clueless as to how Amazon works with purchases. I have the Kindle ap on my computer and I can see all the titles I have purchased but they all have arrows on them so that when I click on one book it will download to computer and I can read it. Not sure that it stays on my computer or if I am somehow reading it online because when I click the ap it logs on to Amazon cloud. I think about my death. I can give my Kindle to a relative and as long as the device is alive someone can read the books I bought. But if the Kindle dies then buying a new one does not guarantee that all my books can be downloaded to that new device, at least not without my email address that Amazon and Kindle recognize and my email address will die with me. What is the solution? If all this is true, why the hell are we spending money on such ephemera. Ebooks cost more than paperbacks. I should go back to buying paper so that if I do not like a book I can trade it in or give it to a friend. This feels like an elaborate scam on people who haven’t thought it through. I think I will do a google search..what happens to my kindle books when I die and my email address with me. Can I will my books to someone and will Amazon honor it. Brain fart for the day.