Television is Rotting My Mind

Naming no names but watching TV and taking it in and coming to conclusions. Am I the only one that notices that people who are very religious and always talking about god and their religion have less tolerance or compassion or even justice? I am agnostic. My mind is as open as I can hold it. All my life I wanted to believe but just could never make the leap and I tried. I went to every church and denomination and listened and wished to accept and believe but nothing that I saw or heard made any sense at all. All I could think of were arguments against what was being preached. I think one of the reasons I could not join, aside from lack of faith, was I found the people prejudiced (and proud of it or so ignorant they cannot hear themselves denigrating others), selfish and even downright cruel. Save a fetus, then let the child starve, do nothing about child abuse, send the teenager off to die in war so the rich can get richer. It is all so weird. If those protesters and legal fighters were putting their mouths, their money, their actions to help the existing suffering children and orphans then maybe their stand against abortion, birth control or women’s right to control her own body might mean something. Even those who try to be charitable always do it so that they are seen doing it. It is the Easter bonnet, dress up and talk behind the back of those who are absent. The hate displayed for the different, for other religions. It may just be that I find myself on the opposite side of every argument with someone of any religion when they take a stand. So many times I am sitting here shaking my head and mumbling, I cannot believe they really think that way, or that they even had the guts to say it out loud as if there was a shred of sanity in it. Bottom line for me is…you believe what you believe but quit using it as a stick to beat others. Your religion should be private. Your choices should be only for yourself. Your demands that the entire world should work to suit your religion are an infringement on my rights. Your rights do not trump my rights no matter what you believe or how much power or money you have. Okay, rant over…TV can really rot your mind but it can stir your emotions, hit your funny bone, make you shake your head in disbelief or even make you tremble with shock at what is happening to what you thought was the civilized world.