Photo ID Card for Shopping…Got Today

Visited neighbour’s cat to clean litter and found his pill pocket bag on floor ripped to shreds…hope there is a single intact one for tonight’s pill. Washed my beach towels and bathing suit…I plan to go swimming tomorrow…hope I get an empty pool again. Crockpot soup for dinner. Cooked up huge batch of burgers, plucked meat off barbecue chicken, boiled a week’s worth of eggs. Won’t have to cook again for over a week. Have to go shopping next weekend for cat food and kitty litter and dog food and a haircut.

Son writes fantastic blogs to a friend that no one else gets to see…wish I could get him to join here and save the stuff. I could read the posts. Problem is…he types two fingers, no punctuation, caps or spell check which could really annoy some people. The content of his mind is worth reading regardless.