No News is Good News

I am an ostrich.  I do not rubberneck at accidents, I turn away.  I plugged my ears and put my face in my lap during the movie Jaws.  I do not watch sad films or horror films or blood and guts.  I am not a news junky.  I watch a Canadian news channel that is professional, not sensationalist and spends it time covering the world, not intimate details of child molesters and murderers.  The news is as objective as possible and they do not take political sides and spread lies and innuendo against whatever politician they hate today.  That being said, every once in a while I catch a bit of an American news channel where the graphic details of some horrific crime is lovingly described or shown in such vivid language that I am astonished that this is acceptable practice.  I wonder, who watches this stuff and why.   A big enough demographic must tune in avidly for this to remain mainstream news entertainment.    Need to know is one thing, pandering to the worst in people’s taste for human degradation is something else.    I am old enough to know there are people who commit horrible crimes against even babies but I cannot do anything about them so why fill my mind and imagination with their existence.   If there was something concrete that I could do to prevent these things simply by watching or being aware of them…that is one thing but the people who watch and make these types of shows popular are not helping prevent, in fact giving them their fifteen minutes of fame is almost enabling or encouraging others.   I am not saying sweep this stuff under the rug or hide it from the general populace but do not sensationalize it or embellish it.  I wonder if some news anchors think the people listening to their excited voices and smiling faces are stupid that we do not see the hype for ratings behind the choice of broadcast material.

I switched off as quickly as I could but not before getting an ear and eyeful of garbage I do not want to carry around in my head.  If this is what the world is…I do not want to know.  Just because we can show every bit of nastiness that is happening around this globe, is not sufficient reason to inundate the average citizen with the knowledge.   We know there is depravity, war, pestilence, insanity.   If we can help, tell us enough to help us help but don’t make money dipping us in shit.