Whoopi Goldberg

I watched Whoopi on Oprah’s Master Class.  I watch her on The View and this morning she said something and I wanted to tell her my thoughts.   I have watched, liked, followed Whoopi in her career for a very long time.   With actors or comedians one often first becomes enamored of them in character.   One seldom gets to hear them express personal opinions in depth so what you like about them is their abilities or the characters they have chosen to act or their stage presence or their humour, their entertainment persona which is not necessarily their true personality.   Over the years that I have watched Whoopi on The View and in interviews expressing her thoughts I have felt them resonate with my own world views.  More and more I feel like her personality and opinions on life are so like my own that sometimes it almost seems to validate the parts of myself that I feel are outside the norm.  

This morning something she said made me feel like I had been prescient in choosing to follow her career way back when I could not possibly have known her mind works a lot like my own.    This does not happen often.   I have followed other actors brought to my attention by a specific role who never again appeared in a role I liked but I still followed and tried and was interested.   Then there are those you follow who take roles you like but what bits of their own personality show through are not likeable at all.   They do things you don’t approve of or express opinions that you don’t agree with and you are forced to acknowledge that they are not people you would like to meet in person.     It struck me this morning that I like Whoopi as a person for the way she lives and expresses her life as well as her choices of roles and her humour, the way she carries herself and her all around choices, her kindness, her compassion and her strength of mind.     I like that I might have recognized those qualities so far back in my life.