Well the timing could not be stranger. I commit to a cat during the day yesterday and the following morning  I get an email from my ex-husband  telling me that our black standard poodle Starsky passed away last night aged 13 1/2. When we separated and sold the house, I got the mini poodle and he got the standard because he was moving to a house and me to an apartment. I got to see Starsky once or twice a year until Peter moved even further away and I haven’t seen him in four years. I can hardly write for tears. They really do cause so much joy and so much pain. Fur really is wonderful for soaking up tears and grief. My pain is nothing to Peter’s however. I am hurting for him too because Starsky was his closest companion for 13 years. That dog adored him from the moment they met. The bond was so strong that Starsky saw no one else. Peter took him everywhere and got him through obedience right up to companion dog despite his null beginnings. His birth was difficult and necessitated human help, then he did not breathe on his own, then he would not feed on his own. The breeder despaired of him. Then, since they were all potential show dogs, the litter was assessed and he was a null. All his siblings sold for 1500.00 apiece but the breeder begged us (his next door neighbours) to take Booberry and raise him so Andy could know that he was loved and could see how he turned out. My last apricot standard had just died and I had a mini poodle and a corgi and I did not want another dog but the man stood on my front stoop and cried at me and I broke. I was the chief cook and bottle washer but Starsky (as I named him because I was deep into Starsky & Hutch fandom at the time) never saw me. He was Peter’s dog from the word go. He lived longer than either of my high bred apricots and was a wonderful dog who turned out smarter than expected.  RIP Starsky Boo Hutch