I am a soft hearted idiot.  I have just committed to taking on a 12 year old rescue cat whose foster mother had to go into a nursing home.  No one wants Mac and I had in the back of my mind that when my toy poodle Ash-Leigh (who is ten) passes I would get a cat.  My first pet was a cat.   Now that I have accepted this cat I see all the pitfalls.  Why didn’t I look at them before I opened my mouth.

First is the cost of cat food and kitty litter…not to mention possible vet bills looming on the horizon.   I will be more trapped…no staying away from home overnight…which I could do with Ash-Leigh. 

What if the cat will not bond with me.  I need that to happen in order to remain happy with the effort.  Babysitting just does not do it…I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop and the owner to come fetch.  Like time has stopped and I am on hold till released when they return and I can get back my life.

There were questions I should have asked…is the cat quiet…I get really cranky if my sleep is disturbed at night and today I learned that cats can keep you up at night.   The furniture is safe…Mac has been declawed…why?    Is he a noisy cat?  I love silence.  Is there such a thing as cat food that doesn’t stink?  I am already living with a litter box taking up space (I sometimes babysit the neighbour’s Burmese fancy cat) and that leads to another problem…will having Fudge visit for six hours every couple weeks be a problem.  How about the apricot poodle I sometimes babysit.    

I am a pessimist by nature…the glass is always half empty.   So already I am seeing problems.

Looking on the bright side.  At twelve years of age my commitment is not twenty years.  He is not an exotic cat so the attendant health problems should not occur.    No matter which pet dies first, having the other will ease the pain.  There is something about crying into fur that helps grief.

I am about to lose my car and might just bankrupt myself trying to replace it.   I was thinking that having Mac and his costs might put the brakes on that and force me to deal with car rentals once a month for groceries and doctors or cabs to vet when necessary.

Maybe also I will be able to leave my insecure dog home with a cat when I cannot leave her home alone.  That would really ease my life.   I bought a pet stroller for the dog which could do double duty for the cat.

I stupidly committed myself before asking any questions about Mac’s health, noise level, destructive potential, cuddle potential.   All I know is he was a rescue living with a foster who spent three months in hospital leaving him home alone until she came home for a week only to find she could not stay and he was alone again until someone stepped up.  Right now he is living locked in a room because the foster has nine foster dogs. 

My sister wrote me, too late, to talk me out of it.  Another strike against it is….I am only allowed one animal in this building and I already have a dog.  I am so law abiding I squeak and am paranoid about breaking rules and here I am breaking a rule.  sigh

I just unloaded my life of one caregiver job and here I walk right into another one.   The bright side is this one doesn’t phone and drag me out of my cosy nest on a whim or a necessity.  

Wish me luck.