I collect photographs.  I started young with paper.  I put them in albums in date order with all pertinent details on the back of each.  Then when I got net access and email; I loved the photos people sent of all kinds of things.  I would copy the ones I liked to files on my computer.  Then came Pinterest and a whole world of fascinating was available.   Places, animals, plants, consumer goods, food, thousands of unimaginable things were found to expand my world view and imagination.   Cute animal photos that amuse me every day, cartoons, quotes and something on everything I am interested in.   Another point on those photographs that everyday people upload of their pets…is the view into their homes that is in the background of all these photos.   The sheer variety of life and styles can be overwhelming. 

Wrote to Tanya Huff to ask who she visualized as Tony Fosters and she replied.  Now I am wracking my brain for why I did a search on that very actor five years ago.  It will come to me.   I remember doing a search and then watching a couple of his films but why I looked I can’t remember.  Getting old is a bitch.   

Son wanted me to watch Captain America yesterday, other son wants me to watch Game of Thrones.   No, no, nope.   Too dark.   Does it seem to others that a lot of what is available as entertainment these days is dark and violent.   I avoid that stuff.  I will not take in stuff that is likely to bring me down. 

Enjoying the warm 9C weather.