First Post

Okay, I joined to read Forgot to be Guilty.   Now I don’t know what to do.

First off I put up a quote which I would like to clarify…I already have white hair and the piles continue to grow.

Something about me, besides the fact that I am retired and read all day.

I was just thinking about my notebooks…those things that remind me to breathe…and was wishing that my handwriting was better.   I was born a lefty into the generation that had an education system that believed that left handed children should be forced to become right handed.  Teachers hit my left hand with a ruler every time I picked up a crayon with it.  I am fortunate I do not stutter but the result is…I am ambidextrous.  All that means is I do everything lousy with both hands.  I was also of the generation that was still taught penmanship right up through high school.  Guess which course I did poorly in every year.   I also went to a commercial high school and took bookkeeping, typing, shorthand.  I failed all three but did fantastic in spelling and literature.  Of course, I was the kid that went to the library every week and took out as many books as the librarian would allow.    I had a computer in 1980, one of the Apple II’s.   Considering that  I failed typing, that became my life’s work and I excelled at it once out in the world.    I am a list maker, I make notes in my books and underline and take out favourite lines and put them in a notebook.   I have kept notebooks filled with every book I ever read in my entire life…they are now in a binder and in a piece of library software in my computer and in Excel.  I am very anal about writing down and collecting information.   I write down everything I do, everything I intend to do.   Online journals, paper journals,  collated emails, Hilary notebooks filled.  I am crazy about words.

Back when I was writing, what I learned 30 years later was fan fiction, I wrote it by hand in notebooks.   I do not have a smart phone (though I do have lots of ebooks) and so I do not belong to Twitterverse and there is no shorthand in my life.  I am verbose in my writing and could not reduce my output to 140 characters if my life depended on it.    My point is…considering the fact that I write all day long….I wish my handwriting was nice looking.   My mother and sister are both left handed and both have beautiful penmanship.

By the time I (belatedly) got internet access and then found fan fiction, I no longer wrote stories myself having acknowledged that I do not a have a creative bone in my body and I preferred to read.    When I did get into the fan fiction world it was because of X-Files and in short order I became beta for one of the most prolific writers in that fandom (Ursula/Fan4Richie).  I gaffiated to Starsky & Hutch fandom in 2000 and in 2004 to The Professionals but I kept saving (anal again) all the stories posted (I kept my lists) for which I was grateful when I found myself in 2008 ready to move from The Professionals and not willing to add another fandom to my list of obsessions.  Not sure if it was because I avoided looking or because no new OTP struck me in all this time due to my crossing some kind of age line but it hasn’t happened..not even for Sherlock or Merlin (though the 9th and 10th Dr. Who and Captain Jack might have pulled me in.

I had so many favourite writers in the early days of X-Files, fabulous writers, some of whom have moved on to write professionally.  When I am rereading their stories I have a great urge to write feedback and thank them for the pleasure.    With so many archives and web sites vanishing and writers changing email addresses and not passing on the new ones to their contact lists, taking their stories down altogether, live journal splitting lists so that there is no central point where we can all gather and chat.   Fandom has fragmented so badly that there is no community anymore.   Also, I feel that when a TV show like X-Files has been off the air for too long and new writers are writing based on their reading of fan fiction…somehow the characters as they write them do not speak to me.   I still collect the new writing, I still try to read them because there are gems among the dross but when I go to reread my way through my Author files, I return to the writers of the 90s.  The writer I followed to WordPress is one of those writers.  She wrote such wonderful stories that left the reader aching for more.   She shared it all, her gift for words, her plots, her imagination.   So I want to see her blog and let her know she is still enjoyed.

The story of my life…see the quote…is this:

I have hundreds of new books, piled and waiting for me to read and what do I do…I go and buy more …filling my Kindle and Kobo, adding to collection of paperbacks.   Then, instead of reading anything from the pile, I find myself reading fan fiction.   Then, when I am ready to leave fan fiction for a time I find myself rereading something from my personal library of thousands and thousands of books (my home is lined with books).     For example, I was reading Kadru’s X-Files story The End of The War and was halfway through it on Sunday when I turned on the TV to check the weather (I live in Canada and it is cold and snow is still piled high and the lake is still frozen)  and found Blood Ties was on.  It had been a favourite show and this was the pilot so I sat and watched and immediately had the urge to read the books on which the show was based.  So I went to the shelves and took down the seven Blood books by Tanya Huff and started reading.   I know when I finish the seven, I will read her three Shadow books and then maybe move into Anita Blake and on into the other vampire books…I found Anne Rice has a new Lestat novel out that I do not have (I stopped reading her when she crossed the Witch series with Lestat)…she has apparently returned to her roots.

I still haven’t finished The End of the War.   I am spending way too much time on my computer….Facebook, Pinterest, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Live Journal, Fat Secret (yes, I am on a diet….lost 30 pounds over the winter…only 60 to go).  Mahjong Solitaire.

What I watch on TV these days are the following:  Bones, NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, Sherlock, Castle and Dr. Who…though I am not sure shall follow the new guy but I will check it out.  I have always loved British programmes, mostly their comedies.

So, there is my first blog.











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